It’s a recurring theme - workwear gone astray, leading to additional costs and the ramifications of replacing each item. If it happens multiple times you may find yourself dealing with significantly depleted stocks. Lose your protective clothing, and health and safety compliance is put at risk.

If you’ve experienced it before, it’s easy to assume that lost garments are just part and parcel of the laundering process – but when it impacts on productivity and slows the whole process down, it becomes an issue with real consequences.

Though common, it’s easy to avoid. At Johnsons Apparelmaster we’ve put specific measures in place to reduce the risk of garments going missing, minimising the impact on your business.

1. Let's get personal

Let’s get personal: Johnsons Apparelmaster don’t use outsourced couriers to deliver and transport our workwear – it adds extra stages to the laundry-cycle and increases the risk of garments being lost along the way. Instead, we guarantee a personal collection service by our own fleet of vans and personnel, so you always know who you’re dealing with and where your overalls are going.

A local service

Benefiting from a nationwide network of laundries, we cut down your laundry transportation time and costs. We take your workwear to a local laundry on one of our sites, where it is laundered only by Johnsons Apparelmaster staff. So there’s no third party laundries, personnel and delivery staff to contact in the event of an item getting lost.

Packaging your way

It’s not just during laundering that garments can go missing – the stage of folding, collecting and distributing your workwear is key when it comes to misplacing items. At Johnsons Apparelmaster, we will fold and package your laundered workwear to your own specifications before distributing to the correct van driven by our own delivery people. We take responsibility for every stage of the process.

Barcoding for instant traceability:

We barcode each individual garment with a unique and traceable code. It allows us to track, monitor and report on where every item is in the laundry-cycle, as well as providing real-time reports and accurate information for audit and compliance trails.

Transparency and accountability

Open communication is crucial, and Johnsons Apparelmaster focus on creating and maintaining strong customer relationships. Our sophisticated online systems and experienced team of trained employees ensure the smooth transition of information from phone call to customer service to the laundry room – so issues are taken care of proficiently as and when they arise.

Always in stock

Sometimes things do go wrong, but if they do we’ll put them right. In the very unlikely event that a garment is damaged or goes missing, the systems we have in place are designed to recognise, repair and replace each item in the appropriate time frame needed. It means you won’t have to deal with depleted stock, and the efficiency is such that garments are often repaired or replaced before you even knew they were damaged or missing.