Let us add a 'pop' of colour to your workwear!

Your products come in all shapes and sizes, just like ours. We offer bespoke ranges of garments to suit different types of people from the production line, to working in maintenance or front of house. 

So, why use a workwear and laundry service?

Time and cost savings
Outsourcing laundry to Johnsons Workwear can save Britvic valuable time and resources. Instead of employees washing their own garments, you can rely on us to handle all laundry-related tasks. Spreading the cost of workwear is planned and controlled. 

Convenient and flexible service
We can offer flexible service options tailored to the specific needs of the company. This includes regular pick-up and delivery schedules, accommodating fluctuations in laundry volume, and providing additional services such as repairs or alterations. 

Branding and identity
Uniforms can serve as a visual representation of Britvic's brand and identity. They create a consistent and recognisable look for employees, and can be designed to reflect your values, style, and overall image.

Uniforms can convey a sense of professionalism and competence. Customers often perceive uniformed employees as more knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy. This can enhance Britvic's reputation and foster positive interactions with customers.

Hygiene and safety
In industries related to food and beverages, uniforms can be essential for maintaining hygiene and safety standards. Uniforms designed with specific materials and features can help prevent contamination and maintain a clean working environment.

Certain industries have regulations and guidelines regarding employee attire, particularly when dealing with food and beverages. Uniforms can help a drinks company ensure that its employees meet these requirements and operate in compliance with relevant standards.  

Employee comfort and convenience
Uniforms can be designed with employee comfort and functionality in mind. Properly designed uniforms can accommodate the specific needs of employees working in various roles within the company.

At Johnsons, we want to ensure that we're impacting our local and global communities in a positive way. We aspire to create a culture where sustainability is embedded into our daily working life, continually developing and evolving to reflect the responsibility we have as a Group.