ESD & Anti-Static

Here at Johnsons Workwear, we understand the importance of protective clothing. With our knowledge and expertise, we want to enable you to keep your employees safe and reduce the risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

Take a look at an example of our anti-static garments, providing ultimate protection for your employees. From coveralls to jackets and trousers, our garments can come in a variety of options flame retardant, high visibility, rail industry and multi-protect.

Anti-Static clothing can be categorised into two main areas:

Personal protection – This is when the user is in an area where there is the risk of hazardous sparks caused by electrostatic discharge that could result in fire and/or explosion. The Anti-Static properties are there to reduce the build-up of Electrostatic Discharge. The fire retardant properties are there to protect the wearer against heat & Flame caused by Static build up. This Anti-Static clothing will always be teamed up with fire retardant properties either inherent or as a flame resistant finish.

Protection to sensitive equipment - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a known cause of damage to sensitive electronic components during manufacture. Our ESD garments transport static away from the body reducing the build-up and eliminating the shock effect. ESD garments are also used where the shedding of lint can affect the function and/or the appearance of a product. Low linting fabrics are use in the paint and coating industries to eliminate lint falling onto smooth clean finishes. This clothing will predominantly be a man-made fabric as this offers low linting properties.

Both areas use a Nega-Stat technology. This is a permanent encapsulated conductive carbon yarn that is woven into the fabric which dissipates the static. If you look closely at the fabric you will see a black grid, this is the Nega-Stat technology.

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