Multi Protection Trousers

Take a look at our range of multi-protection trousers, available in a range of styles and designs to fit in with the specific requirements of your business. 

Our multi-protection range covers multiple European standards, including EN 1149, EN 20471, EN 11611, EN 11612 and EN 13034.

Talk to our technical staff about personalising your garments, with your company logo or individual names.

If you require any further information then please get in touch

  • Workwear Rental and Laundry

    Renting our workwear adds value to your service, brings many benefits to your business and is surprisingly cheaper than buying

  • Split Rental

    If you have low or varying usage of garments, our split rental package allows flexibility on your account for customers who need it

  • Buy Workwear

    Prefer to buy your garments outright? Our specially trained team of experts will help pick out the best garments for your workplace

  • Launder Only

    If you already own your workwear or you prefer to buy from us, we provide the flexibility of a launder only service