We are providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly service as an alternative to disposable PPE and in-house laundering.

Our product

We offer reusable gowns to dental surgeries across the UK in a bid to reduce the use of single use gowns to deliver a permanent long-term, cost effective and sustainable solution.

Our service

We can deliver and collect at your convenience and process the gowns through our EN14065 certified laundries using a thermal disinfection programme to give you peace of mind that your PPE is safe to use.

Why this is important

Dental practices take cross contamination and sanitation extremely seriously. The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone extra cautious of situations when they are required to be close to another person. Delaying dental appointments carries a risk to the patient, potentially leading to other conditions. As a dental professional you will want to do everything possible to ensure your patient feels comfortable and safe when they visit your surgery.

We don’t just stop at gowns...

We can offer a full healthcare package for surgeries including washroom facility management, floor care - including company logo mats and social distancing mats - and a range of reusable and specially treated anti-viral face masks and snoods. Using Johnsons Workwear for your practice needs will help you feel safe in the knowledge that you’re protecting both your staff and patients to the highest possible standard.

It’s your job to take care of your patients…….let us take care of you.

Reusable Gowns

Reusable gowns have been used by Dental professionals for years to protect against cross contamination, but with the current added threat of Covid-19 there has never been a better time to invest in a cost-effective PPE solution.

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Face Masks

Face coverings are mandatory in the UK for using public transport and visiting shops and business areas. Protect your staff with our range of reusable masks and snoods. We can also offer masks and snoods finished with an anti-viral treatment, ViralOff®. The silver ions in the finish strongly inhibit bacterial growth and viral activity, killing both bacteria and viruses by 99% on a treated material over the space of two hours.

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Social Distancing Mats

The government currently recommends that you keep two metres away from people as a precaution, or one metre when you can mitigate the risk by taking other precautions. To reinforce this message, we have introduced a range of Social Distancing message mats which can be used in dental surgeries to keep both your staff and patient safe..

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