What to Consider When Committing to a PPE Solution

When the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the world in 2020, PPE items were in a higher demand than ever before. There were shortages in equipment reported across the healthcare sector and many private practices and surgeries found themselves having to purchase higher levels of PPE in order to operate safely.

Not only were they faced with a new or higher cost of purchase, they also had to pay for the safe disposal of clinical waste once the PPE had been used.

One item of PPE being used by healthcare professionals is the isolation gown, which can help prevent cross contamination from fibres and airborne contaminants. When using disposable gowns, the usage can quickly add up if both professionals and patients are wearing them during every appointment.

Multiple use gowns can help to combat many of the problems associated with disposable gowns. Just look at some of the benefits:

  • Breathable fabric designed with carbon yarns to reduce static build up
  • Environmentally friendly as they can be re-used and washed safely up to 75 times
  • Industrial laundering doesn’t affect the protection or the performance of the gowns
  • No need for clinical waste disposal after use

Taking these points into consideration, think about the following when you are ready to commit to a PPE solution:

  • Use a trusted supplier who is legally permitted to process work in the healthcare industry
  • Industrial laundries use a thermal disinfection process which offers a higher level of protection than home laundering, so consider a full rental or laundry service
  • Ask for certification from laundries to prove they are well equipped to deal with the PPE, particularly if they have EN14065
  • Weigh up the impact of single use PPE including clinical waste disposal costs, garment end of life disposal and environmental effect
  • Ask for stock to be given exclusively to you on rental contracts to ensure you’ll always receive the same PPE into your business