Why Use a Fully Managed Service?

When it comes to managing your workwear, finding the right level of service to meet your needs isn’t always easy.

In fact, we often find businesses aren’t aware of the full range and flexibility of workwear options available and as a result, don’t take advantage of some of the benefits open to them.

So, to make things easier, we’ve put together a set of common questions and concerns that we get commonly asked, so you don’t have to...

Is my business too small to use a managed workwear service?

No - you don’t have to employ hundreds of staff and multiple sites to justify having your workwear managed for you. While we provide for over 40,000 UK-based companies nationwide, we’re proud to operate on a local scale and our customers range from large multinationals to small local businesses. So, whatever the scale and size of your requirements, there’s a service option available for you.

Do you only provide workwear?

No, we also provide facility and textile-related service contracts, including items such as floor mats, washroom products, industrial wipes and personal locker services.

Is a comprehensive rental service the only option?

Absolutely not! Our contract options range from a full rental service that covers stock-control, laundering and garment replacement, to launder-only for those customers who already own their garments. Our service can be tailored to your requirements – so if you need regular collections, delivery to your premises or laundering to specific health and safety standards, we can provide it. You can choose the payment and service option that suits you best, whether that’s rental, purchase, or even a combination of the two.

What if I just want to purchase workwear?

There’s no obligation to take out a rental contract if that’s not what you need - our outright purchase option means you can still benefit from the highest quality garments at cost-effective prices. Take a look at our catalogue to view our direct-sale workwear range in full.

Do you outsource to 3rd party suppliers?

We don’t use outsourced couriers to deliver and transport our workwear as it adds unnecessary stages to the laundry-cycle and increases the risk of garments being lost. Instead, we guarantee a personal collection service by our own fleet of vans and personnel, delivering to local laundry on our own sites, laundered only by Johnsons Workwear staff; so, no third parties to contact in the event of any problem.

What happens if workwear gets lost or damaged?

We use barcoding which allows us to monitor, record and track where in the laundry cycle each item is, so garments don’t go missing. We also operate a 3-way highlighting procedure to ensure repairs that are needed are never ignored. It means that 87% of our repairs are conducted without request, due to our “found it, fixed it” ethos.

What if there’s a problem, or I need to speak to someone about my workwear?

We use sophisticated online systems and an experienced team of trained employees to deal with any issues proficiently and efficiently – it’s how we’ve achieved an 89.8% customer satisfaction score. Many of our customers benefit from direct, regular contact with our staff, including customer service executives that manage individual accounts and on-premise distributors that visit sites on a weekly basis.

How can I ensure my workwear is health and safety compliant?

All of our workwear items comply with health and safety legislation and our protective clothing conforms to various EN471 safety regulations. Each of our laundries is registered with the Environment Agency and our barcoding systems allow for the easy supply of audits to verify compliance. You can also rest assured that our Premier Standard written guarantee provides compensation, should we fail to meet any of our service commitments to you.

Do you provide PPE?

Yes, we’re one of the largest suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment, High Visibility and Specialist Protective Clothing in the UK. You can find more details in our catalogue, where you’ll find flame retardant garments, anti-static and acid resistant workwear.

Do you launder to food hygiene standards?

We use our unique Gold Standard hygiene code of practice that has been specially designed to meet the most stringent demands of the food industry. All of our laundries comply fully to the HACCP principles and our hygienic workwear range is compliant with current food hygiene regulations and practices.

My business isn’t near any large cities – does that rule out rental options for me?

Certainly not. We’ve an extensive network of local customer service centres, providing truly nationwide coverage, so we’re confident we’ll be able to provide you with the level of service you want, wherever in the UK you may be. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in detail regarding your location, just give us a call and we can talk you through your options.

How environmentally friendly is your workwear service?

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, so all of our products and services meet Quality Management and Environmental Management standards. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint through investment in energy and recycling, using carefully planned delivery routes to reduce CO2 emissions and using laundries capable of recycling up to 80% of waste water.