Why Your Workwear Matters

They say a business is only as good as it’s people – but could the appearance of your staff be letting your business down?

It’s not just a case of complying with your company image and “keeping up appearances”. How your staff look really can make a difference to how they feel at work…and in turn, contribute to how they perform, as well as improving productivity levels. It’s a simple and effective way to instil a healthy work ethic in your people, encouraging them to take pride in the work that they do.


Let’s not forget of course, the importance of the appearance of your staff from a customer point-of-view. First impressions count and the way your company is perceived by your customers will have a direct effect on business.

Make the change to enhance your staff appearance and you’re likely to see a real difference across many aspects of your business, including the outlook of your employees.

Competitive advantage

In our experience, companies operating in a competitive environment benefit directly from issuing staff with smart, clean overalls. Trade buyers and consumers are influenced by what they see and a smart workforce promotes confidence that standards are high and the company is well run.

Employees respond well to being provided with a consistent supply of well-maintained workwear. It gives them a sense of pride and belonging, as well as influencing how they feel about their employers and their own personal performance.

Staff are arguably more productive too when equipped with well-fitted, freshly-laundered garments. Our customers often report that sales are up as a result of issuing new overalls, delivering a rapid return on investment.

Workwear doesn’t have to be nondescript - personalised branding will strengthen your company image and when used for workwear, from factory floors to office and receptions, it enables a seamless experience for customers when dealing with any member of staff.

Style is, of course, important and increasingly we see companies updating their corporate clothing wear in line with fashion trends. It makes a statement that they are a progressive company, keeps staff happy and comfortable when wearing their uniform and is an effective way to refresh the company image.

Rental workwear – a value-added service

So how your staff look matters – but managing your employees’ workwear is easier said than done. It’s not just about ensuring garments are cleaned and laundered regularly, what about stock control, repairs, lost items and logistics?

This is where a rental workwear service really does add value, as they’ll not only take away the hassle of providing your required garments, they’ll take care of managing your workwear needs too.

Rather than holding stocks of uniform and tying up costs, workwear rental providers take care of demand and supply so there is no need to hold excess stock and new employees receive their garments without delay.

The cost of repairing and maintaining workwear can really add up, not to mention the time that is involved in dealing with damaged items. Rental companies will quickly and efficiently repair garments, while always ensuring you have enough stock. Many repairs are conducted without request, so workwear is fixed before customers are even made aware of any issue.

Other strategies such as barcoding of items, ensure that your garments don’t go missing…or if they do, they can always be tracked to see where in the cycle they should be. Barcoding reduces the amount of waste and unnecessary replacement costs of items, for businesses.

Rental companies also take on the responsibility of adhering to stringent regulations. Providing protective clothing for industrial environments and flame and substance retardant garments where needed, you can have peace of mind that your workwear will be health and safety compliant. It means you can focus on the important aspects of running your business, safe in the knowledge that a regular supply of clean and safe workwear will always be provided.

For any business to move with the times, there’s a strong case for issuing and updating corporate workwear and indeed outsourcing laundry and maintenance. Add to that the distinct competitive advantage gained from portraying a professional public image and it makes sound commercial sense to invest in a rental workwear service.