Workwear - One Size Fits All?

When it comes to your workforce there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. With millions of garments laundered each month as part of Johnson Workwear’s rental service, we recognise the need to provide for every shape and size from the tall to the small, the slight to the stocky. With this in mind, the subject of workwear can be a tricky one – how can you cater for each individual within your workforce to ensure that every garment representing your company is well-fitted and presentable?

Get the right measurements

Having overalls and uniforms that fit correctly is essential – if your employees are wearing specific garments throughout their working day they need them to be clean, durable and comfortable too.

Johnson Workwear has the scale and resource to offer the range of sizes required, importantly we also use pre-wash sizing sets. It doesn’t pay to use tape measures as they can lead to incorrect measurements once items are washed and dried. Professional measuring teams can make alterations before implementation. By using this process you can be confident that the fit of each garment remains precise and the risk of size changes is reduced.

An individual garment for each individual employee

The best rental services are those that use sophisticated barcode systems, meaning that each garment really is unique to the individual that wears it. By using online systems companies can instantly collect information relating to the workwear of each employee, for instance tracking where each garment is or calculating how many times each one has been washed. It also removes the possibility of any one garment ending up with the wrong staff member so once you’ve found the perfect fit it won’t be lost. If you are unsure of the type of workwear you might require, give us a call to discuss your work environment.

Choose a reputable, trust-worthy, reliable company

If you’re paying for a rental service you want to be sure that it delivers on all aspects, from prompt delivery to a fast turnaround of garments to regular replacement of items.

When it comes to managing your workwear choose a company you can trust and depend on. The best services are those that operate seamlessly – they take the hassle away, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Your service, tailored to you

No two businesses are the same and that’s true of your workforce too. You need a workwear provider that can adapt their service to your business, catering to your specific size, scale and requirements. Always check that flexible contracts are available from full rental to split rental to launder only.

Your rental provider should be able to accommodate your business no matter what the circumstances, even if you have a high turnover of staff or employees that work on a seasonal basis.

A well-presented workforce wearing tailored uniforms is the most effective way of representing your business and reflecting its standards. The right rental service will not only provide your company with value for money and additional benefits, it will ultimately save you time, money and energy leaving you free to take care of business.