Arc Flash

When it comes to Arc Flash protection and making sure your team is safe with the correct protective work clothing, you can trust Johnsons Workwear.

Take a look at our selection of our arc flash garments, providing ultimate protection against the thermal hazards of electric arc while offering great comfort to the wearer. We have a comprehensive range of different fabrics and weights specific to your needs.

An electric arc discharge produces plasma discharge between two conductors. The arc is the spark that jumps between any gap created in an electrical system. This can be a bolt of lightning jumping between a cloud and a point on Earth, or more commonly the tiny spark that can occur when a light switch is flicked on or off… which is why you should not use any switching if you suspect a gas leak!!!

An Arc Flash event may not be a daily occurrence in your business, but they are happening multiple times every working day in the UK. Risk assessment and precautions through safe working practices can be instigated by your company, and that will limit the possibility of an Arc Flash incident.

Wearing the correct Arc Flash protective garments for a specific risk level will further increase safety. There will always remain a risk, but there is significant Arc Flash protection available through wearing the correct garments.

If you operate in any of these five key industry sectors, you should be considering Arc Flash protection for your team:

  • Power Generation
  • Utilities
  • Petrochemicals
  • Rail
  • Industrial Electrical

An Arc Flash incident should be recognised as a real danger to your team, so them having the right protective clothing is imperative.

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