Automotive garments are like armour for those working in the automotive industry. They provide vital protection from all sorts of dangers and keep workers safe. Whether it's shielding against grease, staying visible in busy areas, or staying warm in cold conditions, these garments are more than just clothes – they're tools that keep everyone on the job secure and comfortable.

In an industry where safety and efficiency matter most, these garments are a sign of commitment to getting the job done right while looking out for each other.

If it’s for a dealership or a garage, our commitment to garment design, manufacturing, sourcing, and stocking ensures we manage the challenges so you can concentrate on your business.

We are making a conscious effort to make out workwear better for the environment. Most of our automotive garments are made using Alsi-FlexTM fabric, from a blend of renewable sourced yarns offering the ultimate in stretch and performance together with supporting our mission to protect the planet.

We have a range of garments including:

  • Coveralls
  • Casual tops
  • Trousers & Shorts
  • Jackets, Gilets, and Coats

Available in a range of designs, our automotive jackets are constructed with the wearer in mind. Offering a variation of practical features and specifications to suit a wide range of employees, ensuring they can work effectively and comfortably at all times.

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  • Workwear Rental and Laundry

    Renting our workwear adds value to your service, brings many benefits to your business and is surprisingly cheaper than buying

  • Launder Only

    If you already own your workwear or you prefer to buy from us, we provide the flexibility of a launder only service

  • Buy Workwear

    Prefer to buy your garments outright? Our specially trained team of experts will help pick out the best garments for your workplace

  • Split Rental

    If you have low or varying usage of garments, our split rental package allows flexibility on your account for customers who need it