Flex-Collection Colour Block Range

Take a look at our brand new Flex-Collection Colour Block range that's comfortable and flexible and has the added bonus of using sustainable materials. With more colour options than ever before, we're sure you'll find something you'll love!

Every single body is different, and we want you to wear something to suit and flatter yours. Whether you’re climbing up ladders, leaning over the bonnet of a car or jumping in and out of a van all day – this is the collection for you. With clothes designed specifically for men’s and women’s shapes as well as a unisex range, we know you’ll find your perfect fit - especially when the garments include shape recovery due to their snap back, sustainable fabric.

We’ve spent a lot of time refining our product offering and listening to what our customers want, to create our tailored ranges. Our Flex-Collection Colour Block garments are aimed at those users who wish to perform their day-to-day roles in extreme comfort without compromise, with the added bonus of looking great, thanks to our wide range of colour options.

Our designers have worked with technical experts to develop a product with an exceptional and permanent stretch, that exceeds existing fabrics in the current workwear marketplace. These garments have pushed the boundaries of innovation in workwear, not only increasing wearer comfort and flexibility but they're also manufactured from renewable sources which supports our mission to protect the planet.

We've conducted extensive user trials which demonstrated the workplace advantages offered by Flex-Collection, such as excellent shape recovery, durability, increased ability to bend and flex and moisture management due to the cotton content. Not only does this range of garments offer all these great advantages, but it also has the added benefits of excellent industrial wash durability - ensuring your work clothes are kept in excellent condition.

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