Reusable Theatre Gowns

Reusable theatre gowns have been used by healthcare professionals for years to protect against cross contamination, but with the current added threat of Covid-19 there has never been a better time to invest in a cost-effective PPE solution.

The NHSBSA dental reimbursement scheme is ending soon, so why not start to look for a long-term solution for your requirements? Johnsons Workwear plays a central role in the government strategy to replace disposable single use gowns with reusable surgical gowns delivering a permanent long-term, cost effective and sustainable solution.

Reusable Gowns for Dentistry

Dentistry is classified as being at high risk for transmission of the virus due to the nature of work carried out in surgeries and the close proximity between dental staff and patients, and we know you want to do everything you can to make sure you have a safe and hygienic place to work. 

EN Standard Certified

Our reusable gowns are EN standard certified and designed to protect the wearer against cross contamination from fibres and airborne contaminants, putting a barrier between you and a number of viruses, liquids and bacteria. 

Why Use Johnsons Workwear for Your Gowns?

Johnsons Workwear can offer a solution to provide reusable surgical gowns to you with a convenient, contact-free collection, cleansing and delivery process. Help to put your patients at ease and give them the peace of mind that you're doing even more to ensure a safe environment for their visit. 

  • Cost-effective solution to rent instead of buying disposable PPE
  • Quality, EN standard approved gowns
  • Gowns can withstand the high temperatures required for thermal disinfection in commercial laundries
  • Constructed with anti-static carbon yarns
  • Designed with fewer seams to minimise penetration of liquids and increase durability
  • Our laundries are certified to EN14065 standards - the highest possible certification which allows us to operate in the healthcare market*
  • Storage bags can be provided for used garments to prevent cross contamination, protecting both you and our staff when they collect them

Enquire Today

Cleanliness and hygiene procedures are always carried out at a high level in dental surgeries, but give yourself extra peace of mind with trusted PPE from Johnsons Workwear. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can help your business with a healthcare package today. It's your job to protect and care for your customers, let us do the same for you. 

*Some laundries are currently undergoing certification process

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Full description

• One size fits most
• Comfortable, quick dry stretch cuffs
• Tie fastenings
• Carbon yarns reduce static build up
• Breathable fabric for comfort and durability
• Designed with fewer seams to minimise
penetration of liquids & increase durability
• Stain resistant properties
• Washable to infection control


One size fits all

Fabric care

Suitable for industrial processing and thermal disinfection achieved above 71c

Performance standards

EN 13688:2013
EN 13795