Santa's New Threads!

Late one night in October, we had an unusual call.
Our good friend Father Christmas needed to talk to us all.

He’d got himself in a pickle with his famous red suit being tight.
He was carrying a little holiday weight and the trousers just didn’t look right!

The seam was starting to itch him, the waistband was far too small.
The legs were riding up too much and they weren’t comfortable at all.

He needs something stretchy, that would be a perfect fit.
Something good for the planet too, so he could do his bit.

Our team invited him in, to see one of our Workwear plants.
He could then see, with his own eyes, how we prepared his new pants.

He watched the Production team as they worked hard through the night.
Washing, packing, steaming and more, this operation was tight!

Our wonderful seamstresses knew what to do for the biggest night of the year.
They pulled out our Flex-Collection range and gave it to him with cheer.

They got to measuring his waist, his chest, his legs and his feet.
He was then kitted out with the best outfit ever and knew it’d be hard to beat.

The Flex-Collection suit was comfy, stretchy, smart and warm.
His eyes lit up when he wore it and he knew it would perform.

Johnsons had saved Christmas for him, and he knows that we truly do care.
So off he went in his new suit, happy he’d something to wear.

He waved goodbye to the teams in the plant and thanked them for getting it right.
With a cheery wink and a touch of his nose, he disappeared into the night.