Social Distancing Floor Mats

The government currently recommends that you keep two metres away from people as a precaution, or one metre when you can mitigate the risk by taking other precautions. To reinforce this message, we have introduced a range of Social Distancing message mats which can be used in dental surgeries to keep both your staff and patient safe. 

With Johnsons’ mats, you can expect industry-leading customer service from our trained and experienced employees and can enjoy the following benefits:

• FREE site survey and mat trial*
• Regular collection, cleaning and delivery service
• Full after-sales support from your local Customer Service team
• Low weekly rental costs tailored to your needs
• Our trained Route Operatives will help place the mats correctly
• Wide choice of dust mat sizes available

Get in touch today and see how we can help you.

* Mat trial consists of a Standard Dust Mat (150x85cm, 180x115cm, 300x85cm, Grey or Blue) being trialled for two weeks only. Cleaning not included.

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