Workplace services catalogue

As well as being a one stop shop for workwear, we also offer a range of other workplace services including mats, hygiene bins, lockers and roller towels and we work closely with the experts to help find the best solution for our customers.  

For example, are you aware of the benefits of a mat rental service? From the moment the doors open in the morning, the battle with dirt and moisture begins. 80% is tracked into the building on the soles of shoes - around 0.58g per person on a dry day, multiplied by up to 10 times more in wet conditions. Keeping the dirt and moisture out is key to holding down cleaning costs while maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.

We partner with professional, trusted suppliers to ensure we provide high quality products and services to our customers. 

So, take a look at the Johnsons Workplace Services catalogue which is available to view online now. What are you waiting for?