• Anti Static

    From personal protective anti-static to ESD and paintroom, our range of workwear keeps you safe and reduces risks of static discharge. Whether you work in manufacturing, engineering, automotive or nuclear industries, Johnsons can provide workwear that is suitable for your working environment.

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  • Arc-Flash

    Ensuring your employees are completely protected is highly important, especially when working in such high threat environments. This is why we manufacture and supply a range of workwear that protects your employees from the risks of flash flames and hazards of electric arc across a range of industries,

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  • Automotive

    Many leading vehicle manufacturers come to us because we understand the automotive industry. Our detailed knowledge of fabrics, supply chains and your working environment ensures our Motorlink range offers comprehensive packages that are designed around your specific needs.

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  • Casual & Leisure

    At Johnsons, we have workwear that will cater towards all of your casual leisurewear requirements. Both comfortable and fashionable, our casual garments are particularly popular with customers facing employees. This range, including softshell jackets, polo shirts and sweatshirts, can be professionally branded to portray your company image.

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  • Chemical Processing

    Selecting the correct workwear for chemical processing may seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help. Chemicals can pose a risk across a variety of different industries and, whether you work in laboratories, paint shops or nuclear power plants, it can be difficult to reduce this risk. This is why we offer a range of chemical splash protective garments that minimise the risks associated with working in chemical processing.

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  • Food Preparation

    We take extra care of the nation’s food industry and have developed our food hygiene range to meet the sector’s challenging demands. We offer quality garments that are long lasting, provide exceptional wearer comfort and are suitable for industrial laundering.

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  • Flame Retardant

    Using fabrics that offer a superior level of protection and comfort, our flame retardant protective workwear gives you the confidence to work safely, move freely and feel comfortable all day long. We put all of our garments through rigorous testing to assess the level of colour loss and shrinkage.

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  • Hi-Vis

    From construction sites to industrial premises or warehouses, if your employees work in areas where there are moving vehicles present, there are many potential hazards that could cause significant injuries. Our range of yellow and orange high visibility garments play a major role in maintaining safety and preventing accidents for your employees by simply making them more visible.

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  • Molten Metal

    We offer a range of garments and fabrics that will protect you and your employees from the risks associated with molten, aluminium, zinc, nickel, lead and cryolite metal when poured onto the surface of the fabric.

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  • Multi-Protection

    We understand the importance of ensuring your employees are protected at all times from the various risks and hazards within the workplace. Our multi-protection range covers multiple European standards, including EN 1149, EN 20471, EN 11611, EN 11612 and EN 13034.

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  • Welding, Heat and Flame

    When your employees are exposed to heat, flames or splatter, it's crucial that you protect them with flame-retardant and heat resilient workwear. All of our welding, heat and flame workwear adheres to European standard EN 11611 and EN 11612.

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  • Workwear

    We’re here to advise on what type of workwear you might need for your business. Our workwear range offers both casual and corporate garments that provide a practical, durable, stylish and cost-effective solution for a variety of working environments.

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