If it’s for a dealership or a garage, our commitment to garment design, manufacturing, sourcing and stocking ensures we manage the challenges so you can concentrate on your business. With our regular laundering service your employees can be working smarter in clean manufacturer branded workwear.


Whether you’re looking for something basic, or you require something with particular features, we offer a range of designs, colours and levels of protection if required that offer comfort and versatility wash after wash.

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Casual Tops

We offer a selection of casual tops, all to suit the specific needs of your business and your employees. Available in a range of fabrics, we can personalise your workwear to suit your business branding and style, meaning your employees are recognisable at all times.

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Trousers and Shorts

Our automotive range offers a variety of trousers in different styles, material, contrasts and colours to suit your needs. We also support you through the warmer summer months and hot working environments by providing shorts as an alternative.

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Jackets, Gilets and Coats

Available in a range of designs, our automotive jackets are constructed with the wearer in mind. Offering a variation of practical features and specifications to suit a wide range of employees, ensuring they can work effectively and comfortably at all times.

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Car Care Kit

Protect your vehicle both inside and out with our brand new, easy to use, fully launderable car care kits. Comprising a seat cover, a steering wheel cover and a wing cover, the kits are designed to protect the vehicle from the worker and shield it from accidental dirty marks and scratches.

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