Commercial Floor Mat Rental Service

Did you know you could save up to 14% on your maintenance costs and reduce cleaning times by 44%*, through the use of a mat rental service from Johnsons Workwear?

With Johnsons’ mats, you can expect industry-leading customer service from our trained and experienced employees and can enjoy the following benefits:

• FREE site survey 
• Regular collection, cleaning and delivery service
• Full after-sales support from your local Customer Service team
• Low weekly rental costs tailored to your needs
• Our trained Route Operatives will help place the mats correctly
• Wide choice of dust mat sizes available

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Take a look at the floor care solutions on offer below.

Social Distancing Mats - Suitable for everyone

The government currently recommends that you keep two metres away from people as a precaution, or one metre when you can mitigate the risk by taking other  measures. To reinforce this message, we have introduced a range of Social Distancing message mats which can be used in workplaces to keep both your staff and visitors safe.

Standard and Personalised Dust Mats - Suitable for everyone

Standard and personalised dust mats are ideal for showrooms, offices, washrooms, kitchens, workshops and warehouse areas. We offer a full range of customised image mats that are tailored to your company hours, logo and messages.  

Anti-Fatigue Mat - Suitable for washrooms, kitchens, workshops and warehouses

Anti-Fatigue mats act as an aid to relieve the physical strain that people who stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces experience. These mats are ideal for washrooms, kitchens, workshops and warehouses.

Heavy Duty Scraper Mat - Suitable for showrooms, reception areas and warehouses

Heavy-Duty Scraper mats act as an effective first line of defence in all weather conditions. These mats will reduce the grime and moisture that is brought into your building from mud, snow, sand and grit and are ideal for showrooms, reception or main entrance areas and warehouse areas.

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* Research conducted by European Textile Services Association. Percentages shown are average cost and time savings based on E.T.S.A research. Contact us for more information.


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