Cotton Roller Towels

Cotton roller towels are more effective and hygienic than warm-air dryers as they absorb bacteria and then roll it away inside the towel cabinet, offering a fresh, clean towel ready for the next user.

There are a range of benefits to using our cotton roller towels:

They are hygienic

Our cotton roller towels reduce the spread of the flu virus and bacteria on hands

They are better for the environment

Using cotton roller towels use up to 63% less energy, 79% less waste and almost 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than hand dryers*

They save time

Cotton roller towels reduce the cleaning time that's required to collect and remove paper towels, which can result in an estimated annual cost saving of 40%**

They are reusable

Cotton roller towels are fully re-washable, reusable and hygienically maintained

Hygienic Washroom Roller Towels 

Our ever-popular cotton roller towels provide a strong, efficient and low maintenance solution to your washroom needs, especially if there is no power source nearby.

The dispenser design of our washroom roller towels ensures they can withstand consistent and heavy use throughout the day and can easily be checked if the towel gets stuck, which ensures a continuous and simple service is provided for you, your employees and your visitors.

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* ETSA (1995) Comparative study on Textile Towels vs Warm Air Dryers, for cleaner hands, the textile hand towel is indispensable, University of Westminster, London
** Based on 1,400 employees and 5 hand washes a day; one to start a shift, one for lunch, two toilet breaks and one at the end of the shift.

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