Industrial Wipers

If your business uses rags or cloths for cleaning oil and other substances, make the hassle-free switch to industrial wipers and enjoy the environmental and cost benefits.

Our industrial wipers offer an eco-friendly and safe way of wiping and mopping up any oil spillages. We can manage this for you with our collection and launder service to provide a more cost-effective solution over continuously buying new stock.

Our tough recyclable wipers made from strong woven cotton have a range of benefits:

They are soft

Our wipes are made from 100% cotton which provides greater comfort for the user.

They are designed to last for years

Our industrial wipers boast an overlocked edge which reduces ripping and fraying from over-use of the wiper.

They are cost effective

Instead of disposing of your industrial wipers yourself and continually buying new stock, we can manage and take care of your wipers with our collection and launder service.

They are environmentally friendly

Laundering your industrial wipers prevents the wipers from ending up in the bin, landfill or elsewhere. Our wipers can be washed up to 50 times and are much better for the environment.

Reusable cleaning cloths can also be rented in the practical full-service system. This means that after use the cleaning cloths will be picked up on a regular basis, washed and brought back for new use. Thanks to the high product quality they can be washed up to 50 times. If a cleaning cloth is worn out, it is automatically replaced with a new cloth. On the other hand a conventional disposable cleaning cloth simply ends up in the rubbish bin.

If you’re wondering whether industrial wipers are right for your business, our customers are successfully using these in a range of different industries for cleaning machinery, absorbing fluids, polishing, vehicle cleaning, window cleaning, absorbing ink, dust removal and much more.

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