Why Choose Launder Only?

If you already own your workwear or you prefer to buy directly from us, we can provide the flexibility of a launder only service. We will barcode your garments to ensure efficient stock control, then collect your soiled garments on a regular basis, laundering them to an unbeatable standard before returning them to your premises.

We pay meticulous attention to the nation’s food industry by looking after all of the crucial touch points that ensure the risk of cross-contamination is reduced. We ensure:

We are compliant with all of the latest standards

Our laundry processes meet the most stringent hygiene standards and we are HACCP compliant and meet the necessary food audit requirements

We work in spotless environments

We operate within controlled cleanroom environments to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is reduced

We operate under strict regulations

We ensure that we wash our garments at 65ºC for ten minutes and then 71ºC for three minutes, which ensures your garments are thoroughly disinfected 

We dry our garments at specific temperatures

We dry your garments at temperatures over 130ºC which ensures thermal disinfection

So, if you’re looking for a managed, professional and simple service that uses an extensive range of processes and quality control checks to ensure your garments are cared for, then our launder only service is the perfect option for you.

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