Washroom Services

Sometimes it’s the little things that really makes the difference and people rarely forget a bad washroom experience. By choosing our washroom services you can help to create a fresh, clean and hygienic environment for you, your employees and your visitors.

Our team of experts can advise you on a variety of products that are key to maintaining a hygienic and professional looking washroom and, no matter your company size, Johnsons can meet your requirements.

Air Care

Air quality is the first thing you notice walking into a washroom. Make the right impression with our range of air treatments and fragrance units that ensure unpleasant smells are eliminated and your washroom is left smelling fresh and clean.

Feminine Care

Legislation requires that female washrooms provide a method for the safe disposal of sanitary waste and minimise the spread of germs. Our feminine hygiene services go beyond the basic requirements and maximise the limited space available in washroom cubicles.

Hand Care

Hand washing products are one of the simplest yet most vital provisions for your washroom, ensuring harmful germs are reduced and first-class hygiene standards are maintained.

Water Care

Around your business there will be areas that can be made more efficient when it comes to saving water. We offer special water management technologies and flushing options that will help you take action to reduce water in your washrooms.

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