Why Choose Rental?

If you want your staff to do their job well and safely, as well as making a good impression to your customers, workwear should always be clean, smart and free from any damage. If employees are left to clean their own workwear, rips and tears can quickly be overlooked, while specialist protective materials and clothing, such as flame retardant coveralls, can be destroyed by incorrect laundering and household fabric softeners.

Renting Johnsons workwear has a wide variety of business benefits and is a surprisingly cheaper alternative to buying because:

It saves money

The costs are planned and controlled with no hidden surprises

It meets requirements

We help you meet strict health and safety requirements

It's branded to your company

Our employees help you pick garments to match your company profile

It's managed for you

Your workwear is expertly managed for you, letting you concentrate on running your business

We take care of your garments

Garments that are lost or damaged can easily be replaced and repaired

Your garments will always be safe

Storage facilities can be provided to reduce garment misplacement

We can provide a hassle-free, cost-effective, all-inclusive solution that enables you to provide high-quality garments for your staff. If you’re looking for your items to be collected directly from your site, laundered to meet the most stringent hygiene and health and safety standards, packaged accordingly and delivered right back to your door, then renting is the perfect option for you.

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