We take Learning and Development very seriously at Johnsons Workwear.  We have a team of qualified Learning and Development professionals who partner with our Operational and Head Office teams to ensure that learning is accessible to everyone.

Johnsons Workwear is a large and fantastic business with so much opportunity for career growth.  We are proud of our “Johnsons Workwear Talent Pathway” which is a framework detailing how knowledge and skills grow and develop from entry-level to expert-level.

If you start working in one of our Production teams and have your sights set on becoming a Production Manager or possibly moving to a different team, you can see all the competencies you’ll need, the training you’ll need to complete and how you request it.  Some competencies are developed on-the-job, some will need to be developed over a longer period e.g. through an apprenticeship or via our award-winning Johnsons Academy.

The L&D team delivered over 5000 hours of training in 2023, travelling hundreds of miles to be onsite in our teams across the UK. 

If you want to learn on your own, learn with the L&D team or learn from others, we are continually developing more and more tools and programmes to help you be our next rising star.