Service Delivery Driver

To deliver and return stock to the plant. To comply with Transport Industry legal structure and provide
excellent customer service.

Key Accountabilities

• To load and off-load the vehicle into designated areas
• To ensure the sufficient supply of sundry items i.e., repair labels, bags etc.
• To collect/deliver items, load/empty OPD lockers, exchange dust control mats as shown on
• To accurately complete all necessary paperwork
• To establish and maintain good Customer relations and act as liaison between Customer and
• To carry out duties as laid down in BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 / 14001 Local Working Instructions
and Company Operations Manual which may be updated from time to time
• To forward queries and keep managers, supervisors and colleagues informed as necessary
• To obtain signatures and keep accurate records where required
• To look for opportunities to expand the business and report appropriately
• To wear Company uniform and maintain a smart appearance
• To drive responsibly and within legal limits
• To maintain the security of the vehicle and contents at all times
• To maintain the vehicle in a clean condition and carry out all vehicle checks as laid down in
• To ensure you maintain no driver infringements and understand the driver infringement policy
• To wear and use Personal Protective Equipment and handling aids, where supplied, at all times
for all relevant tasks
• To carry out all tasks to comply with Company and Customer's Policies on Health & Safe
• To comply with Company Policies and the Terms and Conditions of Employment and follow
Company Procedures
• To attend training courses as required
• To foster and maintain good working relations with Customer, Company and colleagues
• To maintain confidentiality of Company and Customer business
• To ensure route hygiene inventory is accurate and hamper bags are returned
• To ensure the yard is kept clean and aid with the general maintenance of the yard
• Other Ad hoc duties as require

Performance Measures

• Performance reviews
• Daily debriefs with the Transport Manager
• Customer reviews
• Daily Vehicle checks
• Infringement monitors
• WTD adherence
• Accurate Tacho records
• Ability to do manual entries on the Digi cards
• Regular Health and Safety Training
• CPC training and Skills training
• Company Mandatory training kept up to date

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

These may be trained or developed. These do not need to be in place at time of recruitment

• Knowledge of safe, controlled and fuel-efficient driving techniques for Large Goods Vehicles
• Knowledge of vehicle preparation including safe coupling and uncoupling of trailers, vehicle
safety checks/inspections, defect reporting, safety requirements, loading, securing and
unloading processes, axle combinations
• Full understanding of Johnsons procedures for accident reporting
• Understanding of the other duties in the yard linked to the driver role e.g., loading vehicles,
checking vehicles, deep cleaning vehicles, cleaning the yard and general maintenance of the
• Understand how to keep the vehicle and associated loads safe when not driving
• Correctly perform vehicle checks to ensure the vehicle is safe for use
• Correctly supervise the loading of the vehicle so that products are correctly and safely loaded
and secured to minimise chances of damage
• Excellent customer service skills through the timely and safe delivery of goods, efficient off
loading and effective handling of any customer queries or concerns whilst always respecting
the customers property
• Full knowledge and skills to use technology and systems including tachographs, adaptive
braking, hand-held scanners or board telematics
• Excellent communication skills with customers and colleagues
• Johnsons Code of Conduct Policy
• Johnsons Code of Conduct Policy relating to Modern Slavery
• Basic awareness of the signs of human trafficking
• Johnsons ED&I Policy