The Importance of PPE

Reducing the risk of employee injuries and accidents within the workplace is crucial. No matter which industry you are in, it is important to ensure that employees are wearing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear. In keeping with the correct health and safety procedures, providing employees with appropriate PPE workwear helps to keep them safe within the workplace.

Make sure your employees have the PPE kit they need to remain protected. As leading PPE suppliers, Johnsons are able to provide you with the latest in fabric technology at the highest level of safety.

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1. Use of PPE

Health and safety is of high importance in any business and risks should be minimised as much as possible in order to reduce accidents. Working in a hazardous environment requires employees to use PPE workwear in order to remain protected, whether they need to be protected from low-level or high-level risks.

PPE workwear can be used for:

  • Protection against welding spatter, heat and flame
  • Anti-static, electric arc, flame retardant, high visibility
  • Foul weather
  • Chemical splash

2. Benefits of PPE

Accidents and injuries within the workplace could result in employees taking time off from work, which reduces productivity levels. Moreover, this can lead to extra costs if temporary staff need to be hired. Making every effort to keep your employees safe reduces the risk of accidents which results in a happier working environment, high levels of employee satisfaction and boosted productivity. Most importantly, happy employees result in reduced staff turnover rates.

If your employees are working in a hazardous environment, legislation requires you to provide them with the appropriate PPE workwear. Failing to comply with legislation could result in having to provide large compensations or even public investigations into your business

3. Types of PPE

Determining the type of PPE to be administered to employees requires a thorough risk assessment of the work environment.

For example, if employees work with welding equipment, they could benefit from PPE clothing that protects against welding spatter, heat and flame. Alternatively, they might work outside where they are exposed to bad weather conditions and could benefit from high visibility clothing.

If you are unsure of the type of PPE workwear you might require, give us a call to discuss your work environment hazards.

4. PPE Training

Once the appropriate PPE workwear has been issued, it is important to ensure that employees understand the benefits and receive adequate training on how to use the products correctly. It is essential that employees have a thorough understanding, as this will help to minimise accidents and keep them safe.

5. Regulations and Legislation

The PPE at Work Regulations 1992 suggests that the main requirement of an employer with regards to health and safety is to ensure that PPE workwear is provided and correctly used by employees in hazardous workplaces.

Legislation requires PPE to be:

  • Checked for suitability
  • Properly maintained and stored
  • Provided to employees with training on how to use it safely and correctly
  • Correctly used by employees

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