If you haven’t considered providing workwear for your staff before, you may have never felt the need to explore the different options available. Misconceptions of rigid contracts and excessive costs can result in opportunities being bypassed.

For instance, you may think your options for renting workwear are limited once overalls have already been purchased. Or perhaps the thought of being committed to a rental contract sounds both daunting and expensive.

The reality is that the benefits of using a workwear rental service will often outweigh any costs involved – costs that are both controllable and easily forecasted. In fact, you might be surprised at just how affordable it is to have your workwear managed for you.

Here’s why some of our workwear customers chose to switch from purchase to rental:

Flexible contracts to suit any circumstance

Fully comprehensive rental isn’t the only option available, and an adaptable service should be able to accommodate your business, whatever the requirements.

We were approached by a motor dealer based in the south-west that had switched from a Mitsubishi to a Honda dealership. Their situation was challenging in that Honda workwear cannot be purchased just anywhere, yet the company wanted to take advantage of rental service benefits. After consulting with Johnsons Workwear the motor dealer purchased the garments themselves, sold them to Johnsons Workwear, and was then able to enter into a launder-only rental agreement with us.

The moral to the story - don’t rule your company out of benefiting from a rental service just because your circumstances aren’t straightforward.

A personal, dedicated service

Not all workwear rental providers are the same so don’t settle for a company that fails to put customer service first. This was the case with an engineering company that came to us because they were fed up with their current provider and wanted to see if an alternative contract was available. Although they were tied in to their original contract, Johnsons Workwear were able to offer a launder-only service, complete with our customer commitment guarantee.

If you feel that your current provider cares a little less about your business with each passing day of your contract then it may be time for a change.

Real-time reports for compliance and audit trails

When it comes to health and safety standards there can be no room for doubt. Rental services can track their garments by barcoding them, so information such as how many times each item has been washed, or how old a particular garment is, can be instantly accessed – vital statistics for providing workwear audits.

It was the main reason a shipyard switched to our rental service so they could prove that their flame retardant workwear complied with Health and Safety regulations. Knowing your workers are in safe hands – isn’t that always a priority?

This is just a snapshot of some of the many benefits on offer. Add in the reassurance of knowing that the logistics are all taken care of and it is clear to see how a rental workwear service really can add value.