For International men's day, we wanted to shine a light on some of the amazing men that work for Johnsons Workwear and find out a little more about them.

This year we would like to talk more about men’s mental health and encourage the men in our lives to #talkmore.

Let’s hear from Ali Burt who is a Production Manager at Johnsons Workwear

Talk us through an average day in your life:

I get up 5:00am have a coffee then shower to get ready to leave for work at 6:00am. Arrive at work around 7:00am, my first job is to send my General Manager the daily figures and absence stats from the previous day, I attend weekly Management meetings on a Tuesday and meetings on a Thursday to discuss what we can improve on, and what we can do as a business. The rest of my day consists of inputting and updating spreadsheets, and ensuring production is running as smooth as it can. I leave work around 4:00pm and travel back home getting in around 6:00pm.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I was in the Army Cadets for 5 years as I wanted to join the Army, but unfortunately for me I couldn’t because I have nystagmus, so my eyesight was not good enough.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing young boys and men today?

For men, I believe worrying about money and how they are going to pay the bills. In young boys, I think being able to talk about things with someone without feeling embarrassed.

How do you look after your mental health?

I try to not let things get to me (this did not always happen) we only have one life, so I live and enjoy it.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be yourself, listen to advice and take on board what you feel is relevant for you, don’t think about what your mates are doing, think about what you want to do.

What changes would you like to see in the future for men and their mental health?

There are places you can go and talk to people; I think I would like to see more people taking advantage of this and want to get the help themselves.

Who is your biggest male inspiration in life?

My dad as he worked up until it was too much for him, he always told me to live my life the way I wanted to

What is your proudest achievement?

My 2 kids Matt and Andy (not so little now) and getting to the position in the company that I am in today, having to work hard and crossing a few personal hurdles to get there.