Anne Greaves Celebrates 40 Years with Johnsons Workwear

At Johnsons Workwear we are so proud when our employees reach long service milestones. Anne Greaves is a member of the Clean Room team at our Uttoxeter plant and she recently celebrated an astounding 40 years with the company.

Anne joined the plant when it was known as Imperial and Queens Laundry and provided dry cleaning. When dry cleaning moved away, she went to work in the Stone Washed Jeans department (yes, that was a thing in those days!) and then onto the Sheets and Tea Towels.

Working at the plant is the only job Anne has ever known. She lives close by and credits the company and her colleagues for supporting her through some really difficult times in her personal life.

Anne always feels safe and ‘at home’ at Johnsons and says the bond between her and her friends at work is important to her. Having always lived at home with family, when they sadly passed away, Anne revealed at work that she didn’t get Christmas presents any more. The ladies in the plant all pooled together and treated her, something they continue to do now.

Anne feels really touched by their kindness and said, “As well as being a great company to work for, like everywhere else, it’s the people who keep you going. We really are like a big family here and being with them is what makes it enjoyable.”

She’s made some fantastic friends over the years, had some great parties and created wonderful memories. What started off as a job through a government scheme was made permanent when Johnsons Workwear took over from Queens Laundry and Anne has been with us ever since.

There have been several managers in the time Anne has been at the plant and she’s loved working with them all. Andrew Kellaway is our Uttoxeter General Manager and he commented, “A character like Anne personifies the General Laundry Operatives in our Johnsons plants. There are people like her across the business in every plant, who have been with us for years and silently contributed so much. We wouldn’t have a business like we do without their contribution. Anne is a model employee and the life and soul of the floor and we’re very thankful to have her with us!”

We would like to thank Anne for her commitment to us and her hard work over the years. Hopefully you’ll stay with us for many more!