Another Satisfied Customer in Chemtech

Johnsons Workwear Gateshead customer, Chemtech Environmental, were so happy with their new sets of grey lab coats from us that they gathered everyone up for a photo!

Specialists in chemical analysis testing, Chemtech were delighted with the new charcoal grey uniforms. The coats featured a printed green logo and company mascot pocket detail to offer a practical and stylish solution to hide the muck, water and stains that the technicians regularly encounter in their work. 

Strategic Development Director Zoë Farrington contacted Workwear Customer Service Executive Elaine Chapman and said, "I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how delighted we are with the lab coats. So much so that we’ve taken a team photo and this will be put on our website as part of a news update."

Elaine added, "We were delighted to win the contract to produce Chemtech lab coats. The Ken Tech detail on the pocket was a bit challenging but the result is great and keeping them clean will be far less problematic for us in the future. It’s win-win all round."