Celebrating 30 Years’ Service with Our Finance Director, Avi Kar

This week we were delighted to be able to celebrate with Avi Kar, our Finance Director, who has completed a fantastic 30 years of service with our company. Surrounded by his team and colleagues, our Managing Director Helen Wood presented Avi with a thank you gift and card and praised him for always being so willing and available to help – before we all tucked into a slice of cake to mark the event.

On this landmark occasion, we talked to Avi to find out more about him and to reflect on his time with Johnsons:

Was working with Johnsons your first job?

No, I worked in India before I got married and came over to the UK. Over there I worked in sales for a major sporting brand which pretty much sold itself. Next, I took on a role as an assistant manager in a tea plantation, managing around 2,500 people on each plantation who worked in picking and production.

When I came over to the UK, I joined Bollom Ltd – part of the Johnsons Group – in Bristol in my first financial role. I then took up various opportunities to progress through the company in finance. I moved further and further north, to Letchworth, Birmingham and then Liverpool, in roles ranging from regional accounts to company finance director for the group’s Stalbridge Linen. I became finance director for Johnsons Workwear in 2009, based in Fulwood.

You must have seen lots of changes in your job/industry over the years… what stands out for you?

The growth and development of our group through acquisition and disposal is the thing that stands out most for me. The textiles service industry has become much more of a mature market over the years, and Johnsons has been very much at the forefront of that evolution.

What do you enjoy most about working with Johnsons Workwear and in the laundry industry?

I enjoy the fact that it is constantly changing. Constant change keeps me on my toes and there are always new challenges. It’s a great place to work too with good people and fantastic colleagues.

How do you feel on your 30th work anniversary?

It hardly feels like 30 years and still feels fresh. Things are changing and evolving all the time. It’s vibrant and keeps me sharp. People make a huge difference to your enjoyment of a job and I thank my staff, current and previous bosses and, of course, my family for having supported me throughout.

What does the future hold?

I’ll take the future as it comes and continue to value health, wealth, happiness and friends and family.