Debbie Locket Coronavirus Bags For NHS Staff

During her working day, Debbie Locket is a production operator at our Manchester site, busy helping to deliver essential services to our front line customers. In her free time, Debbie is also busy making attractive, durable and washable bags for our NHS staff to put their uniforms in, helping to prevent cross contamination when they take this home.

Debbie was inspired to start this fantastic project as she, like many of us, has family and friends who are currently risking their own and their family’s health as they work to keep us all safe throughout Covid-19.

She says: “Being a keen machinist and having family members working for the NHS, I tried to think what I could do to help and came up with the idea of making the laundry bags. So I approached our General Manager Rebekah to ask if she could get some fabric and other bits to make up the bags… Rebekah came up trumps and I set about making the bags which have been gladly received. After one of my daughters posted on Facebook, somebody from Wiltshire got in touch donating material so I can continue to make more.”

Johnsons Workwear’s supplier Alsico kindly donated fabric to support Debbie and she has managed to make  80 bags so far. During lockdown, this has helped to keep Debbie’s nimble, crafty fingers usefully occupied and is also a great help to staff working at the Salford Royal and Bolton hospitals.

Debbie has had some great feedback from the nurses who all absolutely love the bags.

Well done Debbie from all of us at Johnsons Workwear for your caring contribution and thank you to all our NHS staff and key workers across the UK for your work during these difficult times.