Doing our bit for the Heath Community Garden Project!

Our Uttoxeter plant recently donated a selection of branded fleeces to local community volunteers from The Globe Foundation as part of their ongoing CSR support for the cause.
Globe, a non-profit organisation that protects the natural world, provides a range of eco-friendly initiatives to help improve and support the local town’s environment, from litter picking volunteer groups to community gardening activities. The fleeces were provided to support the Globe volunteers in their outdoor eco-activities.
Globe is also working closely with St Mary’s First School, based next door to the plant and Uttoxeter Heath Community Centre, to develop a new community garden located opposite the plant. Johnsons Workwear Uttoxeter site are helping in any way that they can to develop the Heath Community Garden, to improve the quality of the local environment and turn the site in to a haven for plants and wildlife.The project committee are hoping to include a kitchen garden, rainwater harvesting, an aquascape, a plant nursery and a meadow garden amongst other ideas. 
Uttoxeter General Manager Andrew Kellaway is delighted to be supporting such a worthy cause, "We’ve been communicating regularly with Sue Wade, Head Teacher at the school and Kate Copeland from The Globe Foundation, to keep abreast of any news involving the garden. We’re delighted to be involved in a community project and looking forward to supporting in any way that we can to ensure the best results."

Globe Director, Kate Copeland added, "We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of Andrew and his team at the Uttoxeter plant and are really excited to have Johnsons Workwear on board. It is important for projects like the community garden, to involve all of the community; residents and businesses alike. We are looking forward to working together on the project."

Photo credit: Damian McFadden