Get to Know Your Customers Day

Customers are the backbone of any business. They are the ones who buy our products or service, influence our reputation, encourage others to do business with us and help us to grow. Getting to know them and developing ways to keep them coming back is crucial. One of the key things that keep customers coming back is creating customer satisfaction and a positive journey, based on an understanding of what customers want and need. This is where effective communication with the customer is vital, finding out more about and building on what we do well and even things we could do better.

At Johnsons Workwear, we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and what they think of us. To highlight the importance of great customer communications, we wanted to celebrate Getting to Know Your Customers Day 2018 with our valued national client Morrisons, who are always keen to actively listen to what their own customers think through their Good to Know scheme.

What better way of getting to know what the Morrisons stores themselves - and importantly the frontline staff - think about the service Johnsons Workwear provides than our General Manager Andrew Kellaway spending a few hours of his busy day at the Burton upon Trent store?

Andrew visited Burton upon Trent Morrisons bright and early on Monday, 15th October and spent some valuable time speaking to Store Manager Matt and People Manager Lee, as well as getting to know some of the staff on the shop floor and how the Johnsons Workwear service helps them do their job to keep their customers happy too.

Johnsons Workwear is proud to provide the laundry service for the bakery staff’s whites, as well as keeping the iconic green and white aprons worn by Morrisons staff on the fish and meat counter clean, presentable and ready for duty. We also provide a dust mats and locker service.

Andrew was pleased to talk to the team about any service issues they might have and delighted to hear that service was running well without any issues. He also enjoyed spending time with one of the team in the bakery department, resisting the cakes and having his photo taken! Andrew was interested to hear that staff tend to stay with Morrisons and that their employee retention rates are high; another similarity that Johnsons Workwear has with this customer alongside a keen desire to provide a fantastic customer experience.

Andrew commented: “It was great to spend time with the staff at Burton on Trent Morrisons and I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity. I believe it’s essential for us to actively listen to our customers at all times and to learn from them, so that we can continue to grow alongside them, meet their developing needs, and make the service we provide for them even better at every available opportunity."