Leading textile rental services company Johnsons Workwear is pleased to launch a brand new range of work clothes, known as ‘The Flex-Collection’. Offering both a men’s and women’s fit alongside unisex, the sustainably conscious garments tick a lot of boxes for those who favour comfort and style for their workwear.

The range includes items such as polo shirts, cargo trousers, chinos, jackets and shorts with a new material made from recycled and renewable polyester/cotton boasting shape recovery, extra stretch, wash durability and even moisture management due to cotton content.

The introduction of a women’s fit is expected to be popular, as the collection leads strongly on comfortability. It’s also an innovative stretch fabric designed to move with the wearers body, which opens up possibilities for customers to move to a different style of work clothes.

With permanent weft stretch, quick shape recovery, high performance and long lasting colour retention, the range is suitable for a variety of industries including engineering, motor, transport and logistics.

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