For International Women's day, we wanted to shine a light on some of the amazing women that work for Johnsons Workwear and find out a little more about them.

Meet Transport Manager Leanne Willman who has worked for Johnsons for almost 5 years:

Talk us through an average day in your life:

Every day is different in transport but on an average day I start at 07.30, check all the drivers have left the depot and make sure there are no issues. I then check my emails and paperwork and process the driver’s paperwork for the next day. My next job is to ensure the vehicles are maintained and arrange any defects to be repaired. When the drivers return, I make sure they have completed all deliveries and collections and return safely which is followed by checking the loading area to make sure all routes are ready for the drivers to load on their return. Finally, I de-brief all the drivers as they return dealing with any queries or problems and ensure all vehicles are locked and keys stored away; locking the depot as I leave.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I really wanted to be a building surveyor when I was at school.

What is it like being a woman in the Transport department?

I have always been the only female in of the transport departments I have worked, it can be very challenging and frustrating at times, especially when I received comments such as “what does she know” and “women should not be in transport”. Once people get over the hurdle of you being the only woman and your team know you are good at your job, there is usually a change of opinion. Although it has its challenges, I really love working in the transport department.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing young girls and women today?

I feel that women still face so many challenges in the world today, even though it is 2022. These can be things like; not being taken seriously, not being given the opportunity to follow their passions and not being encouraged to fulfill their ambitions.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t give up on yourself. Accept knock-backs and failure but learn from them and use them to your advantage.

What changes would you like to see in the future for women?

The world has changed a lot since I started my career, things have progressed, and more women are starting to progress in more male dominant roles which is great to see. I do feel a change is needed with the pay gap, so that equal pay and recognition is given to a job well done instead of sexually discriminating between equally hardworking employees.

Who is your biggest female inspiration in life?

Emmeline Pankhurst, because without her we would not be having this conversation. She was an integral part of the woman’s rights movement as we know it today. I am inspired by her strength to keep pushing through and to keep pushing against the idea that women are inferior to men. I am also inspired by all the women who fought for our rights to enable us to enjoy endless opportunities.

What makes you proud to be a woman?

I am proud of all that I have achieved in my personal and professional life, especially as I have succeeded in a position that is typically held by a man.

I am proud to be a woman because we are fearless, fighters and survivors. There are not many men that can look after a family whilst holding down a full-time job and juggling many other responsibilities.