Chemical Splash

Take a look at our chemical splash protective garments, offering ultimate protection against spills and splashes in low-risk environments. Available in a range of fabrics and weights, our garments meet the most stringent performance criteria.

Manufactured with employee safety in mind, our chemical resistant garments offer useful features and meet the most stringent of standards to make working in a high-risk environment that much safer.

When selecting Chemical Protective Clothing, there are several factors that must be considered prior to selecting the garments that are needed, such as:

  • The chemicals being used and their hazards
  • Whether contact is a result of occasional splashing or a result of more continuous contact
  • Duration the worker will be wearing the protective clothing
  • The parts of the body that the chemical could potentially contact

At Johnsons Workwear, we supply a range of Type 6 PB chemical resistant garments. The definition of type 6 is limited protection against chemicals. These garments are re-usable as they are made from a breathable textile, which in turn can be industrial laundered. All fabrics used for the manufacture of such garments are treated with a liquid repellence finish, thus owing to the chemical splash protective properties.  This is achieved by applying a Fluorocarbon (FC) type finish to the fabric before the manufacturing of the garment.

Type 6 garments can be industrial laundered, and the FC finish can be re-activated by tunnel drying the garments, however managing through a work force can prove difficult. The user MUST return their garments to be reactivated and when needed, re-impregnated with the liquid repellent finish.

Johnsons are pleased to announce conformance to this standard due to our specially adapted laundering processes and fabric technology.

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