Dental Garments

Embrace sustainability with Johnsons Workwear. Transforming dentistry, one garment at a time.

Convenience Meets Care

Imagine walking into your practice each day to find freshly cleaned, neatly stacked scrubs and gowns waiting for your team. No more on-site or at-home laundering. No more concern about where and how to dispose of single-use gowns. Our service streamlines your workflow so you can dedicate more time to what matters most - patient care. 

Our Promise

Johnsons Workwear delivers peace of mind with our professionally laundered, high-quality reusable gowns and scrubs. Through our full-service rental option, your practice can take a confident step towards a greener footprint without compromising on care and cleanliness.

The Benefits of a Rental Service with Johnsons Workwear

  • Hassle-Free: We handle the laundering, repairs, and logistics, so you can focus on your patients.
  • Sustainable: Reduce your practice’s environmental impact with our reusable, thermally cleaned garments.
  • Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to the constant purchasing of disposable wear and reduce your overall costs.
  • Quality Assured: Professional, pristine, and presentable - garments that upholds your practice’s reputation.

Why Choose Reusable?

Statistics show that disposable gowns are piling up in landfills, impacting our environment more than ever. We offer a solution that maintains the highest standards of dental hygiene while protecting our planet.

Ready to Join the Sustainable Dentistry Initiative?

Experience the difference yourself and test out our garment rental and laundry service with a no-obligation trial. Book your free consultation today – because a greener practice is a cleaner practice.

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