Multi Protect

We understand the importance of ensuring your employees are always protected from the various risks and hazards within the workplace, which is why our multi-protection range offers protection from many threats such as welding, molten metal, heat, flame, static build up and the effects of an electric arc flash. We also incorporate Hi visibility for use where visibility is reduced.   

Take a look at our range of multi-protection garments, manufactured using multi-protect functional fabrics, ensuring your employees are protected from risks and hazards that may occur.

Our multi-protection range covers multiple European standards, including EN 1149, EN 20471, EN 11611, EN 11612,  EN 13034, and EN 61482


When your employees are exposed to heat, flames or sparks, it's crucial that you protect them with flame-retardant and heat resilient workwear. We offer a variety of protective fabrics that are inherent and FR treated to quickly extinguish flames without damaging the wearer's skin. Our garments offer protection against welding splatters, sparks and flames; providing the ultimate protection in the form of coveralls, jackets and trousers.

Molten Metal

We understand the importance of providing suitable workwear to protect against molten metal splashes. Our recommended garments are made from an innovative fabric, which includes wool fibres, providing excellent thermal insulation and protect against molten metal. Take a look at our specially designed trousers and jackets, all of which we can personalise with a company or persons name.


High-visibility clothing (hi-vis) is a crucial part of your workwear kit when you’re in an industrial or construction environment. Ensuring ultimate visibility for you and your teams is your number one priority, so you need workwear you can rely on. Visibility increases worker safety in any job where you might be exposed to movement of vehicles or outside in the dark weather conditions.

At Johnsons Workwear we have a range of hi-vis clothing that ensures maximum safety, protection, comfort and long-term durability is provided to the wearer. Our additional range of orange hi-vis garments including coveralls, jackets, tops and trousers have been specifically designed for the rail industry to comply with the requirements of RIS-3279-TOM (GO/RT 3279), EN ISO 20471:2013 and Class 3 High Visibility.

Take a look at our range of coveralls, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, polo’s and sweatshirts in our catalogue, there is something for all.

You can also find our sustainable Flex-Collection hi-vis range here.

Heat & Flame Retardant

Using fabrics that offer a superior level of protection and comfort, our flame-retardant protective workwear gives you the confidence to work safely, move freely and feel comfortable all day long.

We use both inherent and flame-retardant treated fabrics, with all our garments being put through rigorous testing to ensure it still adheres to European Standard EN 11611 and EN 11612

Our selection of flame-retardant range of coveralls, jackets and trousers are designed with the wearer in mind, offering protection for a variety of industries, all available in a range of styles and colours.

As with any of our garment ranges, you can talk to our technical staff about personalising your garments, with your company logo or individual names.

If you require any further information on any of our protective ranges, please get in touch.

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