Professional Workwear Services

Why is it important to have your uniform professionally laundered?

Look after yourself and look after your family. 

Please ensure that your used workwear is deposited into the Johnsons Workwear collectors provided in your locker rooms after each wear. This will make sure that:

  • Any harmful contaminates on the garments are professionally removed. Don't take them home to wash and risk cross contamination with your other clothes.
  • It no longer becomes your responsibility to clean and maintain your uniform. We have a contract with Johnsons Workwear to clean your garments and return them freshly laundered for you each time you work. 
  • Inspections take place each week on your garments to identify repair needs. Any repairs will be carried out to ensure the Bupa professional image is maintained.

Look after your planet. Did you know:

  • Your garments are made from fully recyclable fabric, so you are helping to contribute towards a more sustainable planet
  • Your garments are being professionally laundered in bulk, with processes that utilise minimal water, electricity and detergents.

Your garments are made from a product called Alsi-Flex™. This new range of stretch fabrics has pushed the boundaries of innovation in workwear, not only increasing the comfort and flexibility of our products but it's also manufactured from renewable sources. The key benefits to the range include: 

  • Items made from renewable, sustainable and recycled yarns 
  • Minimum of 25% weft stretch (the fabric will stretch and move for comfortable wearing) 
  • Soft touch fabric
  • Excellent colour retention

Our fabrics are of the highest quality with exceptional performance in shape retention, aesthetics and colour loss after repeated washing, so your uniform will stay looking as professional as the day you first wore it.

We're committed to making Johnson Service Group a sustainable business. For 2023, we've launched a refreshed strategy which sets out the framework that underpins our approach to sustainability. Our latest sustainability report is available here and you can read more about our vision for 2030 here.